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Western Australian Artist Elle Campbell grew up on a farm in Dandaragan surrounded by coastal landscapes stretching to Lancelin. From an early age she formed a strong kinaesthetic relationship with her natural surroundings, which has continued to inform her practice.
Art is a pivotal aspect of the way Elle sees, interacts and communicates with her world and has been encouraged by her family since childhood. Living overseas in early adulthood influenced Elle’s artistic palette and enriched and inspired her understanding of the world. Working as a makeup artist whilst studying and travelling enabled Elle to continue her practice with colour and intrigue for art.
Returning home to study Fashion and Textile Design coupled with the tragic loss of her father, Elle immersed herself and dedicated endless hours into textile development and design. This creative expression has been further developed through her playful approach with bold colour, abstract form and uninhibited, fluid lines on silk and linen base cloth.
Elle feels her most comfortable and euphoric when experimenting with colour, exploring texture and expressing emotion in her works. It is the process and ritual of creating something new, over again, that fulfils her spiritual and mental wellbeing the most.
The future is lit with cloth and paint. Remaining guided by her intuition and deep sense of spirituality, Elle finds solace and a sense of self in the organic and unhinged approach to her work. Each artwork conveys authenticity and an intensity that is hoped to reveal a new, raw and intimate side of Elle, her world, and her practice, but most of all to inspire and connect with others.
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