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    Acrylic, enamel, fluorescent and metallic detail on 100% recycled hand made cotton rag


    8 x 8" / 210 x 210mm / SMALL / SQUARE




    An ongoing collection of original paintings on khadi


    Painterly and textural daily rituals created using end of session paint covered brushes honouring a use less waste less practice


    Elle treasures the moments of creating these works on paper as a daily ritual of thereputic expression. Sharing her physical, emotional and spiritual views and experiences through her favourite elements of colour and texture. Using nature and colour exploration as inspiration, Elle intimately paints these works as an offering to share feelings and view points, places and memories.


    Khadi papers are 100% recycled long fibred cotton rag. Hand made in Karnataka, South India. Acid free and deckle edged.


    High quality original artwork by Elle Campbell, hand signed.

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